The Video…

Gap Year, Travel

Well… it’s been quite a while hasn’t it? Fear ye not, we are not dead. Nor have our fingers been nibbled off by our new turtle brethrin, preventing us from typing. As you may have guessed, the whirlwind that is travelling gobbled up all our time and the blog fell very much by the wayside. Continue reading “The Video…”

Tengah Island Conservation – Turtle Power

Turtle Tengah

I know, I know… we haven’t posted here for a while. It’s not that we’ve forgotten you and the blog is certainly not over. We’ve had a perfect storm of extreme busy-ness combined with some, less than ideal internet access recently and it’s for that reason that you haven’t heard from us for what seems (to me at least) like months. That is also the reason that I’m going to break chronology for a bit and write about our latest and greatest adventure – our time at Tengah Island Conservation. Continue reading “Tengah Island Conservation – Turtle Power”

Hue & Hoi An – Halfway to Ho Chi Minh

Hue Hoi An

The next stops on our journey south through Vietnam would be the central cities of Hue and Hoi An. Both are beautiful (especially Hoi An), but any readers hungry for photographs will have to wait a little longer. We’re currently marooned on an island in the South China Sea and have very limited access to the internet. That will mean that the next couple of posts will be text only, but I do pledge to revisit them and add some images when that becomes an option. Anyway, on to our continuing adventures in Vietnam… Continue reading “Hue & Hoi An – Halfway to Ho Chi Minh”

Phong Nha – Duck Tales

After a long day of waiting, we finally boarded the night bus for Phong Nha. The journey was a painful 7 hours long and had us arriving in Phong Nha town at 4am, possibly the most inconvienient time to arrive anywhere. Fortunately for us we were staying at the Amanda Hotel, home of the the nicest and most accomodating host in Vietnam. Continue reading “Phong Nha – Duck Tales”

Sapa and Tavan – Village of rice, rice baby

After scoffing down an early breakfast, we were collected by a mini-bus before being dropped off to our sleeper bus to Sapa. You’d have thought that we’d have had enough of sleeper buses after the last experience but, at a puny 6 hours, this was a relative blink of an eye. The journey was eased by the fact that much of the second half involved winding mountain roads which climbed up into clouds, looking down over the valleys below. It wasn’t long before the doors were opening into the northern city of Sapa. Continue reading “Sapa and Tavan – Village of rice, rice baby”

Hanoi-ingly good


And so, after the bus journey to end all bus journeys, we had finally reached our first destination in Vietnam – Hanoi. After pulling into the bus station, we instantly hopped into a taxi and were on our way to our hostel. As the taxi pulled out and we entered the whirling sea of traffic, you are hit by one over-riding thought – “Shit! That’s a lot of bikes!”. Continue reading “Hanoi-ingly good”

The Scouse of Laos


And so, our next destination would be the land-locked nation of Laos, situated right at the heart of South-East Asia. A surprising number of people that I talk to have never even heard of it, let alone knew it was a country worth visiting. This is all the more astounding when you consider that Laos is not some tiny back water. Laos is bigger than both Greece and Austria and has borders with 5 other nations, including China. Continue reading “The Scouse of Laos”