Lovely Jubbly Ljubljana

If you haven’t had the chance to read about our stay in Tolmin, you can read all about it here.

We left Tolmin via the same means by which we arrived, getting a bus back to Most na Soci and a train through Bled. This time though we carried on to the end of the line at Jesenice before changing platforms and boarding the train heading for Ljubljana. Continue reading “Lovely Jubbly Ljubljana”

Lake Bled – Don’t let the Bled Blogs bite!

If you need to catch up on our final days in Hungary, you can still do so here.

And so, having taken in all that Hungary had to offer, we set off for the marathon journey to Bled in Slovenia. It’s not that Bled is particularly far from Hévíz, it’s just that it’s amazingly difficult to get to. Hungarians, apparently, really do not want you to leave and if you do leave, they really, really don’t want you going to Slovenia. Continue reading “Lake Bled – Don’t let the Bled Blogs bite!”