Top 10 Tips for Plitvice National Park

Plitvice Jazera

If you have ever been on instagram and searched #wanderlust or #travelpics, you will have come across pictures of the stunning Plitvice National Park. With it’s stunning clear falls, and terrace lakes, it is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. We visited back in May and we can’t recommend it enough. Here are our top 10 tips for making the most of your time there.

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Dubrovnik – Dragon’s Den


If you missed out on our trip to Split, you can catch up here.

After a nice period of rest in Split, it was time to hit the road again and set off for Dubrovnik. We got an early morning Uber to the bus station and boarded the bus for Dubrovnik. This journey would not only get us to a city which we had both dreamt of visiting for years, but also add another country to our already growing list. Continue reading “Dubrovnik – Dragon’s Den”

Pete and Cath do the Splits!


If you missed our last post about Plitvice National Park, Korenica and our innate ability to wander into international incidents, you can get up to date here.

A mere 4 hours bus journey from Plitvice, on the Dalmatian coast, lies the city of Split. Croatia’s 2nd largest city, Split’s history began way back in the fourth century when Roman emporer Dioclesian decided to build his retirement palace there. This palace now forms the heart of Split Old Town, a labyrinthine maze of alleys and passageways that cry out to be investigated. This would be the location of our next and penultimate stop in Europe. Continue reading “Pete and Cath do the Splits!”

Plitvice National Park – Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Plitvice Jezera

If you need to catch up on our pre-Plitvice adventures, you can see what we got up to in Ljubljana here.

The next morning it was time, once again, to hit the road. Sergey, our very helpful host, gave us a lift to the bus stop and we boarded our bus to Zagreb. We would only be paying a flying visit however, as our final destination was another 3 hours south by bus, the town of Korenica. Continue reading “Plitvice National Park – Don’t go chasing waterfalls”