Travel Planning: Where to Start

While the thought of going travelling fills me with so much excitement I could spontaneously combust into a million of pieces of globe-shaped rainbow confetti, I did find the prospect of actually planning the trip quite daunting. It seemed an impossible task, and I had no idea where to even start. Luckily for me, with Pete having done 6 months solo travelling before, he was a dab hand at the planning side and was able to guide me through it and together I think we’ve found a good balance to our plan; enough structure that we will get the most of our time, but not too much that it restricts us from any spur-of-the-moment fun to be had. Continue reading “Travel Planning: Where to Start”

Stalking Cath and Pete: A How to Guide

With just 4 short months left until we board our first flight, of what will be  many over the coming year, we thought it would be good to give an update on what we’re up to travel planning wise.
But before I jump headlong in to the details of what we have and haven’t booked, now would probably be a good time to discuss the route we plan to take, so that when I do eventually begin the endless babble about plane tickets, sleeper trains and hostel dorms, at least there will be some context around it.

Continue reading “Stalking Cath and Pete: A How to Guide”