Stalking Cath and Pete: A How to Guide

With just 4 short months left until we board our first flight, of what will be  many over the coming year, we thought it would be good to give an update on what we’re up to travel planning wise.
But before I jump headlong in to the details of what we have and haven’t booked, now would probably be a good time to discuss the route we plan to take, so that when I do eventually begin the endless babble about plane tickets, sleeper trains and hostel dorms, at least there will be some context around it.

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Once we made the decision to go travelling, Pete and I started looking at other blogs online for tips on planning, budgeting and not murdering each other along the way. One of the reoccurring themes for avoiding homicidal outbursts was the ability to compromise.  As anybody who knows me will attest to, I am quite stubborn and do not concede easily so I thought a blog post exploring the ideas we have for compromising whilst we travel would be fun. If nothing else, we can look back at this and laugh at our own naivety from our respective jail cells following the attempted murder trials. Continue reading “Compromise”