Stop 1- Budapest – Part 2

Heroes Square

See what we got up to on our first few days of travel here, otherwise read on…

-day 3

We awoke on our second full day in Budapest, still slightly sore and tired from the day before. This was in no small part due to two factors: one, the paper thin walls that surround the rooms of our hostel and two, that they had chosen to house a walrus with sleep apnoea there alongside side us. Continue reading “Stop 1- Budapest – Part 2”

Top 10 Tips for Budapest


With this trip being both Pete and I’s first ever visit to Budapest, neither of us knew quite what to expect from the city other than lots of baths and the possibility of cheap booze. Having just left Budapest after 5 days, we are a little wiser about this amazing city and thought we would share some of our learnings which may come in useful for other first time visitors; Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for Budapest”